Welcome to Yurt City

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Yurt City is proud to be bringing you its first line of American manufactured, high quality, all natural, outdoor camping Yurts, available for purchase online at affordable prices.

Here at Yurt City, we offer 2 different sized yurts.

Our product line of yurts begins with our smaller 12foot yurt:

-The Mongol-

Then we have our 16foot:

-The Chieftain-

And finally, we will be producing our grand 24foot in diameter yurt:

-The Kublai Khan-.

What are Yurts?

Yurts were designed to be portable shelters in what was often a very harsh climate. It allowed a life style of mobility and comfort as well as survival when times were hard.

They are ideal for family or group camping vacations, hunting trips, backyard party shelters, changing rooms, temporary accommodation, hot-tub covers, special events, barbeques or even weddings. There is maximum usable space in a yurt. One of their most admirable features is the headroom, sturdy walls and yet they are extremely portable and convenient to put up and take down. They can fit in a small trailer, the back of a pickup or even on the roof of your car.

While Yurt City designs it products as a portable shelter it is far more than your wall tents in durability and practical use. They can be put up in minutes and withstand a variety of weather conditions. They also can be made more permanent according to your own desires. Yurt City stroves to provide a product that will satisfy your every need and that you will be proud to own and display.